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BioStat® is an interdisciplinary team consisting of scientists, .analysts, biotechnologists, IT managers and innovators. We deal with challenges of practical application of innovative research solutions in business.
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Rafał Piszczek
Graduate of Statistics at the University of Economics in Katowice. He also completed English Studies. He is an author of several dozen scientific publications and papers in terms of applying mining/ quantitative methods in socioeconomic, marketing analyses and in the pharmaceutical industry.
He has acquired scientific experience as an employee of the Department of Econometrics from 2002 to 2012. At that time, he was carrying out a few hundred research and business projects in BioStat. For years, he has cooperated with crucial world pharmaceutical companies (Novartis, Amgen) in scope of managing research programmes and the implementation of the IT solutions.
The originator and the author of innovative applications used to managing research and keeping medical registers such as:,, He was announced to be the Man of the Year in Business field in 2012 in Rybnik. In BioStat and DMSoft he is responsible for a long-term development strategy of the company and the implementation of the innovative solutions.
Ewa Tkocz-Piszczek, PhD
Vice Chairman
Doctor of Engineering in Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics, at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. What is more, a graduate of English Studies. A researcher and a lecturer at the Mathematical Institute of the Silesian Technical University from 2003 to 2010. An author of several dozen academic publications and the participant in numerous national and foreign conferences.
For an over decade, she is gaining experience in coordinating and managing research projects in scope of the market research, opinion research, social survey and the evaluation. The manager or the member of the research team in over 200 projects.
In BioStat, she is responsible for managing and inspecting projects.She improves the development of the company as well.
Privately, she is a great promoter of all forms of the personal development. For over ten years, she is practising yoga which is for her a versatile form of not only physical, but also intellectual training.
Monika Kurpanik, PhD
Director of Research
Graduate of Silesian University in Katowice, PhD in Social Geography field. An author of many scientific articles and a co-author of many book publications. Her research interests are focused on perception of a widely understood socio-economic environment, therefore her studies are mainly associated with image research, natural environment subjects and product research.
In BioStat, she is responsible for supervising research concerning the socioeconomic scope and the evaluation of European Union programs. Monika specializes in market research, particularly in brand analysis, marketing strategies analysis, introduction of new products on a market, client satisfaction surveys. She coordinated numerous research projects connected with social and marketing issues. She was dealing with comprehensive project implementation which included drawing up a conception of studies, analyzing the gathered material and writing final reports.
Monika is also an experienced moderator of qualitative research. In the job, she gained the skills of managing research projects concerning variety of subjects which were both dedicated to institutional and business customers.
Marian Płaszczyca, PhD
Project Manager
Graduate of Biotechnology at the Jagiellonian University, Biological Studies Ph.D. Longtime employee of the Polish Academy of Science and the Stockholm University. An author of scientific research publications on plants physiology, genetic engineering and bioinformation technology.
Since 2012, he has been responsible in BioStat for the development and maintenance of IT infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on the™ and CATI-SYSTEM™ software. A co-author of many reports concerning the observational research, performed for the leading academic centers, pharmaceutical companies and for the medical technology market.
His professional interests include: dealing with the optimization of research methods supported by computational technology, tasks automation, implementation of open-source technology used in the scientific world and in everyday business practice. Passionate about the search for innovative solutions in statistics.
Szymon Błąkała
Project Manager / Senior Developer
Graduate of computer science at Technical University in Opole. An author of numerous internet applications in the field of managing business processes in small and medium enterprise. He acquired his experience during realisation of sophisticated projects that demand implamantation of new technologies.
His areas of specialisation include PHP, diverse database systems, HTML5/Javascript and nodejs. In BioStat Szymon is a partner in implementation of projects:™, CATI-SYSTEM™ and™.
Bartosz Olcha
Project Manager

Graduate of Political Science at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Analyst, methodologist, the author of publications and expert in more than 150 research projects. Bartek specializes in the comprehensive conducting of labor market research, socio-economic studies and company image research. He has been working for BioStat since 2011.

In his professional career, Bartek cooperated with Ministry of Agriculture and the Rural Development, Human Resources Development Centre, City of Łódź, Mazovia Craft House and Entrepreneurship, the Provincial Employment Agency in Lodz, the Provincial Employment Agency in Poznan, Cracow University of Economics, Shell Co., Vivus Finance and many governmental employment agencies.

Edyta Klemba
Senior Project Manager
Biology graduate at University of Lodz (Microbial Biotechnology). She completed education by postgraduate study in Public Relations. Her professional career is related to pharmaceutical marketing, in which she accumulate experience for more than four years. She worked as an independent manager and as a head of client service department. She has been running multichannel campaigns, research projects, education research, observational studies and market research for the biggest pharmaceutical companies operating on the Polish market.
Edyta is a Certified Clinical Research Coordinator – she completed a training accredited by Association for Good Clinical Practice in Poland.
She started her career in BioStat in 2016. She is responsible for planning of marketing strategy in the field of pharmaceutical sector and business relationship with decision-makers of companies operating in this sector. On a day-to-day basis she is involved in coordination of projects dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular observational studies, clinical trials, post-marketing surveillance, education research and medical registers.
Edyta has healthy sense of life and is professional in every way.
Pharma Division
Agnieszka Pietraszek
Senior Account Manager

A graduate of the University of Lodz in the field of pedagogy. Specialist for communication with the client. He has 5 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical marketing (Rx, OTC). Thanks to the knowledge of tools in the field of project team management, he successfully implements 360 ° campaigns for the largest pharmaceutical companies in Poland.

Her professional interests are focused on multi-channel educational projects directed to doctors and patients as well as on innovations for the medical industry.

At BioStat, she is responsible for communication and marketing strategy for the pharmaceutical sector. He is also one of the leaders of the R & D team. Manages the development of modern systems such as Medfile, Medsign or Labsites.

Privately associated with sport and literature for years. A fan of good content.

Badania marketingowe
dr Małgorzata Płaszczyca
Graduate of Biology at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She received her PhD degree at the Department of Plant Physiology at the University of Stockholm. She has extensive experience in working in international scientific environment and teaching, gained during her work at the University of Stockholm. Co-author of elaborations published in the most prestigious scientific journals.
In BioStat, Gosia deals with a variety of projects concerning analysis of market. She is co-author of numerous labour market analysis, reports concerning social problems and market research (especially brand awareness, customer satisfaction and shopping preferences). She is engaged in the statistical analysis for the purposes of medical reports, drawn up for the leading pharmaceutical companies.
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